Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harmon unplugged...

Playing in the back yard!

Playing in the big boy pool!

Daddy warming me up after...

Why should Mackenzie have the coolest place in the house!

Come on Daddy, keep it going and no one gets hurt!

Rubber Ducky you are the one...

Weee!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Grandma for the swing set you bought!

Just chilling eating mom's candle holders.

Chilling by the pool!

Being goofy w/mom

Building the crib


Marcus and Cami Bluth said...

I just checked your blog and I was happy to see some new posts! It is so crazy to see two babies in the ultrasound! I hope you're feeling good enough. I love the pictures of Harmon at the pool!

Mama said...

Dad chides me all the time for buying the swingset, but I guess I'm a fool for fun and I get more joy out of seeing a child's face as they play on a swingset (memories of all of mine growing up)!