Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We left our hearts in San Francisco...

Every year we do an anniversary trip in October. But our cupcakes are due this October so we figured it was now or never! Chris picked San Francisco and it was just WONDERFUL. We stayed at the Wharf and did things we never did during our original honeymoon such as Alcatraz and a Giants game. Chris even had a very very special surprise for me: tickets to my favorite musical Wicked!!!! It was probably a good thing I was freezing and that we left our little man at home w/Gualita b/c otherwise I dunno if we would have ever wanted to go home.

Chris explores Chinatown w/me

Our future home!

A last minute bay cruise

Home base Fisherman's Wharf

Cheering on the A's at the Giants game

Chris' family knew it was always going to happen... imprisonment at Alcatraz!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our little girl has caught up!

We had the twenty week u/s and they are looking great. Our little girl who has always measured behind has officially caught up!!!

Our little boy (looking a little angry)

Our little girl looking very sweet!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harmon unplugged...

Playing in the back yard!

Playing in the big boy pool!

Daddy warming me up after...

Why should Mackenzie have the coolest place in the house!

Come on Daddy, keep it going and no one gets hurt!

Rubber Ducky you are the one...

Weee!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Grandma for the swing set you bought!

Just chilling eating mom's candle holders.

Chilling by the pool!

Being goofy w/mom

Building the crib