Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Hakes Family

Family together right before we leave!

Bluths do Turkey!

Mom Hakes and Daddy hug!

Mom I look like a nerd in the Turkey get up!

Uncle Kimball and Daddy hanging out!

Lets eat! Aunt Cassie and Daddy eating happily!

Getting to new cousins was fun!

Great Grandma Getting Grub

Aunt Melissa and Uncle Josh being cute as always!

Aunt Cassie wasn't saying good bye to me but to her cat! I wanted to keep the kitty but Daddy said no :(

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Pictures (early)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at Home...

Mommy says I look like a little devil in this outfit!

She is just jealous b/c she doesn't have horns and a tail!

I like to run around crazy...

I'm so big!

Auto Timer isn't as easy as it looks!

Walking my walker!

Here I go again...

Mom and Dad's Anniversary trip in Santa Fe/Albuquerque

One more cute lobster picture!

Being goofy is what our family does best!

Ren Fair


Move over mere peasants, Sir Harmon Hakes is here!

Daddy was annoying mommy so she had to put him in the stocks...

Even royalty must take time to nap!

Eewww romance!

Underneath every fair maiden is a chick who can chow down!

Daddy you look like Robin Hood

Little do they know I am the real Robin Hood! Out to take money from the upper middle class and give it to those who don't pay taxes in the form of stimulus checks! Muhahaha!

Halloween with the Hakes Family

This year we spent Halloween with the Hakes Family at their Ward Party
Zorro meets his match...

While Grandma and Grandpa found their dinner...

Everyone wanted a piece of America's favorite Crustacean

We were lucky to get to meet presidential candidate John McCain and his VP Sarah Palin (Meesa)

Zorro cohorts with his sister's Sarah and Cassie the Kitty Cat

Dad do you know what you are doing with that sword? You are making me nervous!

Save me Gypsy Grandma!