Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harmon and the Park

The twins are on their way real soon (see cupcake blog: link) so we are taking Harm to the park a lot these days so he knows he is special. I'm hoping this H1N1 thing isn't that big of a deal b/c we hope to keep taking him here even after they come home.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall has arrived in a-Maze!

Harmon and Daddy got lost in the La Union Corn Maze!

Than we all went on a hayride to pick our pumpkin out!

Hey wait up for me Daddy!

I like this one Daddy!

Enough Pumpkins and Corn Mazes... I need a nap!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football season is a go!

This was a special time of year. The first Longhorn game of the season. Texas killed a small team and it was a good game; but the best thing is being together as a family. Also cool was that BYU beat OU. Granted they are not as good as Texas we are happy to see OU lose and happy for the Hakes Family who all attended BYU.

Lets get going to Gualito's and Gualita's for the game guys!

We were all decked out (Chris got me a pink Colt McCoy jersey)

Aunt Iris and Uncle Joe came for the game too.

Harmon playing w/Uncle Willie

Harmon making a Hook em!

The Twins wish they could have gone too...

Holding baby Callum for the first time

Holding Baby Rachel for the first time

For more on the twins we updated the kids blog: