Friday, July 17, 2009

Unexpected Detour...

Right after our 4th celebrations on Tuesday I started feeling all crampy and called the doctor. He told me to get checked out at the hospital to be safe. Next thing I knew I was being fully admitted and hooked up to IV's. Right now my doctor says the twins are doing great but want out. Unless something else changes I am going to be a long term admit. This mean that I will be here in the hospital until at least 32 wks (which is still 6 wks away). The goal is to last 10 more weeks and make it to full term. I HATE this... after college I never wanted to ever spend a day in the hospital again (and I haven't except to have Harmon) but we are sooo blessed that we were able to get help before something really bad had happend!

Watch out... BEACHED WHALE!

I miss Daddy!

and I guess Mommy too :p

Playing on chairs is fun!

Where is Harmon?

There is Harmon!

Good laughs!

Kissess for Mommy!

4th of July Fun!!!!!

Fourth of July was a ton of fun! Our tiny family drove down to Albuquerque to attend the temple Friday and goofed off in town the rest of the Saturday shopping and checking out housing competitors. That night we drove home stopping in Old Mesilla for fireworks (Gm'a Hakes had gotten him the cutest outfit but he ruined it before we got to the fireworks by dumping and entire juice cup on it).

The only way to survive long car trips... don't tell Mom!

Come on Mackenzie... lets go see fireworks!

I can't see Daddy :(

Now I can see!!!
Okay enough fireworks... I'm ready for bed!

The next day the Zimmerman clan came over and we had a 5th of July bar-b-que.

Rocking Gma Hakes' cute outfit for the festivities!

Charming the Zimmerman Clan...

Great parents, great food, great fun, great blessings... GOTTA LOVE AMERICA!