Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Pro Pics

These were taken a month ago but I've not had time to upload them to my computer until today. I think we are going to slow our schedule. The 3 kids first year they got their pro pic 3 times in that year. Their 2nd year we did them twice. This year I think we will do them in 9 mos. They are growing and changing less so there isn't the need like there was to do it more frequently.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween Night

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mesilla's Dia de Los Muertos Picnic

After Stake Conference we had a little picnic in Mesilla's town square during their Dias de los Muertos festival. It was so much fun. I danced with Chris and the kids!

Boo at the Zoo!

Repost from the Cupcake Blog: Cally Got Eaten by a Lion... ALMOST!!! I love animals and I love the zoo but I must confess, sometimes it gets a little old since we go every 4 months or so. Anyhow today was BOO at the Zoo and so I was excited to let the little ones go in their costumes and trick or treat at the zoo. It was ton of fun and right when it was time to leave I just had to see the lion exhibit and get a cool picture of Cally and the Lions b/c he was wearing his his costume.

So they are just lounging on the rocks and I was thinking this isn't going to be a great photo until a female lion spotted Cally from the back and the following happened as I was trying to get a shot (I didn't even realize until after).

The last picture before she completely pounced the glass was the second to last one. I was screaming b/c in all the years I've gone to the zoo this has never happened. Chris grabbed Callum, and thought this was the coolest thing ever! A whole crowd had gathered behind us. The last picture was the little female lion just searching for Callum a few minutes later. Needless to say this was the craziest zoo trip we have ever had!

Tresco and Aprendamos Halloween Fairs

Cute Moments!

A-Mazing fun!!!!

So this year we had a lot of fun going to the La Union and later Mesilla Valley Corn Maze! The day at La Union we went as they opened with my friend Michelle and her son Tres. After the kids exhausted themselves we came back later in the evening with my brother William and attempted the maze at night (which was pretty crazy considering we forgot a flashlight and only had our cell phones for light).

Harm got scared in the dark and held on to Dad or Uncle Willy

The Mesilla Valley Maze was a couple of weeks later and just as fun. This time our kids beloved wonderful nanny Miriam came and so did the twins Family Services Coordinator Jorge. The kids had a double dose of fun this year!