Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Francisca!

Hakes Family Celebration!
Ratatouile even came!

All together... make a wish!

Yummy Rice!

All together... say cheese!

I got a great looking Mom!

Zimmerman Celebration

Keeping it a suprise

Williams Pretty Cake

Guys eat cake!

Hookem Daddy


Happy Birthday to Harmon!

What am I supposed to do with this guys?

Oh thats it!!!

Gualito and Uncle William are having fun!

Hey Hailey... stay away from my cake!

Everyone singing to me!

Let me at it!

Oh I love gifts... thanks everyone!

Nice to relax a little with the folks!

Uncle Louie knows the good stuff!

Grandpa... it is a party RELAX

Holidays with the families!

Christmas makes me tired!

Sienna and Marlena open gifts!

John and Chandra sneak a hug

So nice to see Aunty Kim and Cousin Micheal!

Cousin Ziggy, Diane, Mommy, and Louie are all silly

Isn't this sooo much fun Hailey!

Faster Grandma, Faster!!!!!!!

Let go Aunt Callie... I am on the move to change out of this horrendous sweater!

Grandpa Hakes is silly teasing everyone...

While Grandma is just soooo cuddly!