Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twins informal birthday party!

We had the twins party a month early. The actual day fell on a Sunday. We were going to do something but my niece got hurt a few days before and it just made us scale it down. I guess when all is done all you need is cupcakes and love!

Harm bends it like Beckham!

Harm's first goal!

He cries when they steal the ball!

But a post game dinner at McDonalds makes the game worth it!

The love of the Brinka Brinka place!

There is a little bounce house store at the mall and kids love it! It is pricey but worth it.

Cute Early Fall moments!

The State Fair!

Uncle Willy came!! We ran out of money so we only did one ride.

Yum, fair food!

Desperately awaiting funnel cake!

Fall jaunt to Ruidosa NM!

Every year we normally go once or twice to the mountains. This was our trip this year.

Family shot at our favorite cupcake shop!

Callum snookered me into a new Elmo doll!

Hanging out in the hotel suite!

We went the one weekend they had a national motorcycle rally! OOPS!

Harmon starts his 2nd yr of pre-school!

Harmon Last Year on his First Day
Harmon this year on his First Day

Bye bye to Summer!!!

We have a pool with our new home and we had a wonderful summer swimming!! We will miss it now that it is cold!