Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wuz up???

Just hanging out here in Vegas... I'm now 12 lbs 14 oz!!!

Help me! Help me!!!! The bunny is going to eat me!!!

I'm now big enough to be sleeping through the night in my own crib...

But I still prefer sleepovers with dad and Kenzie!

Ready to play ball!

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

Salt Lake City 2008

We went too SLC this year for our mission reunions and General Conference.

Harm got us kicked out of the conference center so went over to the Tabernacle...

Than he fell right asleep during Conference... the nerve!

Harmon is wondering why he couldn't go to Priesthood with Daddy!

Aunt Cassie and Uncle Kelly had dinner with us!

It made for a fabulous trip!

A night in Paris...

We wanted to go to Paris but we were on a budget so we went to the Paris Hotel instead!
Watching the Bellagio from the top of the Eiffel tower...
Francisca you are blocking my view!
Ahh that is better :)
Makes for a truly magical night!