Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our new home!

Today was a very exciting day! We contracted for a new home :) It will start to be built in July and we will move in just in time for the holidays in November.

It is a "cluster community" but we are going to have one of the few lots that are normal w/a big back yard (3,900 sq ft)!!!! The community is nice w/a pool and park.

This is just the model, we will be doing ours a little bit more special w/granite, cherry, and stainless steel appliances!

Our tiny living room!

A girl can get used to this!

These are our colors!

I'm sooooo ready Mom, when can we move in!

For more information go and visit:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

All smiles...

Chillin in my chair...

Where are we going Daddy?

Texas! Texas! Yee Haw!!!!

No butts about it!

at 15 lbs and 25 inches my premie clothes just don't fit!
I'm wasted, where is the crib?

Your so funny Daddy!

Who is yo daddy???

Hanging out at Red Robin...

Oh wow look at the Hornets kill Kobe!!!!

I'm right behind you Dad!

I love it when you feed me and cook Mommy dinner at the same time...
if only you could give me a head massage too!

Nothing beats hanging out with Dad!

Harmie loves LA!!!!!

On our way back home from the wedding we stopped by Mom's old mission and hung out in LA (incognito b/c there was just no time to visit anyone so don't be bummed if we couldn't stop by)...

Harm gets his ounces on the beach

Chris and I overlook the Hollywood Hills from Mullholland DR

Harm looks for his fortunes while chilling on Venice Beach

Before he visits his "extra" Grandma Sharon

and honorary "Aunt" Darlene and "Uncle" Tony

Flamingos are cool but I want to see the Elephants Dad!!!!

Z is for Zebra and Zimmerman

"One day I will have my hands in the cement daddy!"
as Harmon checks out Grauman's Chinese Theater

My post pregnancy figure

"One day this shall all be mine! Watch and wait guys..."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mikey's Wedding

Amber and Mikey celebrate with some cake

Harmon can't wait to hit the dance floor

Grandpa Ox, Grandma Bonnie, Aunt Karen, and Norman before the ceremony

Aunt Karen and Grandpa Ox hitting the floor

Melissa chasing after the beautiful Hailey

"Hey Jaxson, see any cute chick around here?"

I'm sweeter than the butter cream frosting on the wedding cake!

Pool Party

Dad come on I'm all ready and your not even dressed :(

Hello cousin Jaxson... don't you wish you had my shades!
(of course my bald head could use your hat)

Come on cousin Haley the fun is in the deep end!

Nothing beats chilling at the pool!

Gone Fishing...

I want to go get the "big one" Mommy!!

Dad shows off his skills to pay the bills (of course he didn't catch anything)!

Mom on the other hand got a nibble!

You guys keep working and I will just keep sleeping!