Monday, January 21, 2008

Harmon's Close Up :)

We are going home as a new family!

Sleeping Peacefully...

Mommy holding Harmon for the first time...

Daddy and Harmon's first picture

Am I not the cutest?

But I don't fit into a single thing!

Daddy multi-tasks watching the caucas results...

While Mommy and I just play

Aunt Eliza loves me!

At home now comfy w/my brother Bob!

Harmon's C-Section

Harmon Taylor's C-Section
Getting ready!

Chris is ready for action

The first cut... I was sooo scared!

Where is Harmon???

Here he is!!!!

Getting him to breathe

And all cleaned off

My first view

And here he is born January 17, 2008
5 lbs even and 19 inches!

Christmas with the families

Christmas with our Families!

Chris and I on Christmas Eve

Bob and Mac don't take cross country driving well!

Hakes Family Christmas Chaos

All of the Zimmerman together!!!

Baby Sienna and beautiful Marlena catch a good bite

Chris and Mom open gifts

Melissa, Josh, and Haylie enjoy their first Christmas!

Dad and I share a smile

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas in Vegas

Visiting the Bellagio is a Christmas must!

Kenzie loved the festival of lights in Sunset Park

Chris decorated our Christmas Tree

Bob didn't like his work and toppled the tree the next day

Chris suprised me w/tickets to seeing Mamma Mia

No Christmas is complete w/o penguins!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Fabulous Nursery is ready!

Okay so we are on a budget and you know what we are proud of the way we have put the nursery together. We are blessed to have everything we need thanks to the help of wonderful family and friends!
Grandma Hakes made sure we had a comfy seat for late night feedings & TV

Our fabulous nursery/walk in closet

Our top of the line changing table & dresser