Friday, November 16, 2007

More Ultrasound pics!

Hi so I've been sooooo lazy scanning in baby's U/S pics so here are the ones from this week! He is 28 wks 2 days in these pics and now weighs a whooping 2.5 lbs.

His little head and torso (U/S tech said his heart looks gorgeous)

Baby Porn: his wee wee

His little feet!

Friday, November 2, 2007


This year we called the day Howl-O-Ween b/c it was Kenzie's first Halloween!

We were sad but Bob the cat opted not to dress up and partake in the family photo :(

Chris did his own makeup!

Chris got hungry while carving the pumpkins...

Kenzie looked sooo cute in her costume but refused to wear her hat correctly!

Our masterpiece at Trunk or Treat (hey give us a break we were on a budget)!

Eliza as the beautiful Greek Goddess at the Amazing Johnathan Party

Our first anniversary!

Well we made it too one year this past weekend and neither of us ever consultated a divorce attorney :) So we think w/the Lord's help we are doing pretty darn well! The following pictures is how we celebrated!

Taking a sunset cruise in Lake Mead Friday the 26!
(We stayed at B&B in Boulder City that night)

Taking our "Dam" tour at Hoover Dam...

Another Dam picture...

One year old wedding cake never could stop Chris' sweet tooth!!!
(It actually tasted great... Laurie Jensen's tin idea worked wonderfully.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Summer pictures :)

The Zimmerman's come to Vegas!

Hook Em' at the Bellagio with William, Dad, and I

Hakes Family Reunion (we missed the big picture)

Hakes Ladies on the Beach in Newport