Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Changes...

Well, b/c multiples is such a risky pregnancy we have been a little worried to shout it from the roof tops. The rumours are true and yes we are expecting twins. Our goal is to have them born at 37 wks which would mean October 5. That minimizes the chances of them needing to stay in the hospital longer than I do.

This is our little girl. She has her back turned to us...

This is our little boy all nuzzled w/his face close to his hands.

We are all shocked and thrilled. 3 under 2 was never the plan but what in life ever goes as planned. I still have no idea how we will both be balancing work, a tot, and twins but that is where you just sort of put your trust in the Lord and let him figure out the details.

This was their first U/S at 5 wks... talk about a surprise!

This was at 6wks 4 days when both had a strong heart beat