Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning with Harmon...

Did Santa Come?????

Lets get started Pops!

Ohhh I love my new trucks!

But this one is a little scary!

Okay Mom what is next!

Bob wanted to join the fun

Are we supposed to eat baseball bats???? It tastes good.

The Key to Daddy's heart... ICE CREAM!!!!

Daddy knew the key to a girls heart is a diamond with Mommy's new watch!

I'm sad, no more gifts. I guess I will do dishes!

Oh yeah... we are off to Grandma's house and than Gualita's!!! YEAH for more gifts!

Christmas Eve...

This was our first dinner at home for Christmas Eve... hopefully it will be the first of a new tradition for us!

Harmon showing his PJ's off...

Harmon opening his first Christmas Gift...

William and Chris just chillin...

Gualita helps him with his turtle....

Daddy and I say "Hook em"!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A couple of more Christmas pics...

Okay so we found this great Santa Hat that said Texas so we had to get a few more pics taken!

All I wanted for Christmas was a Football National Championship but the BCS is rigged!!!! So now I want a playoff system!

Here is the special ad we are running in December for Hakes Brothers. Next month we will hopefully have Josh, Melissa, and Hayley who will start alternating ads with us!