Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Moments

Lucky Harm! (aka Sloth from Goonies)

Easter Bunny eat your heart out!!!!

Sunday Smiles

Look I can lift my head!

Harmon's Blessing :)

Lets get this party started guys!

Okay Pops I'm all ready!

Or maybe a nap sounds good!

My very favorite men: Grandpa, Daddy, & Pappy!

All the Hakes looking fancy...

All smiles with the Zimmermans and Mrs. B

Just adore me Gualita and Mrs. B!

I love my Bluth cousins!

I can be happy here with Laurie...

OOhhh but Aunt Katie is soft too!

With all this love I'm ready for a nap :)

Hail Caesar...

Harm's first hotel trip.... Caesars Palace and FAO Schwartz
Oooh the land where innocent tourist go to loose money... very posh!

Don't worry mom I will save you from the evil Atlantis!

Enough pics... now where is FAO Schwartz????

It is okay but I think we can go bigger...

Now that is what I'm talking about!!!

Harmon vs the Mountain

Daddy has his hands full...

Hey guys I'm so cold I'm getting a spit up icicle

We the brave mountain men of Nevada are we!

No hot dog here just a cold one...

Harmon meets the Zimmerman gang!

Hi Sienna, we got these ladies well trained!

I could be your police partner... what do you say?

You may be cute Harmon but I'm beatiful!!!!

Hi Pappy, wuz up?

Daddy be nice! Uncle Louie can arrest you :p

Uncle Willis can I play your X-box?

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Mom, Dad and I have been talking... no more pictures tonight!

Cassie's Wedding dinner

Two happy young couples!!!

Daddy's early B-day suprise... and I can't eat any :(

Can we have cake too?

Uncle Mitch and Aunt Pam looking good...

Meesa and Carrie being cute

I'm eating cake... why the picture now?

If you want to download these pics (mom) right click on them with your mouse and put save to desktop.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Isn't it Grand!!!!

Come on Mom do I have to see this mushy stuff?

I'm the baby too!

Son, don't jump!
And to think a river did all of this!