Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harm in New Mexico!

Doing our best w/our new life in Las Cruces NM!

Say cheese in our new rental home...

Who is that handsome baby over there?

Just taking it easy w/Mommy

I see you Daddy!

Go Horns

I have Daddy's smile!

I like it here!

Maybe if I hide they won't make me do unpacking...

Move over Captain Morgan for Captain Harmon!

Like Father like son!

What is this strange green stuff called???? It feels so wierd!That is it mommy, I'm walking away from you!

AHHHH!!! I can't find my hands!!!!

Leaving Las Vegas...

William takes Harmon for a walkie walk...

Harmon chills poolside...

Last day teaching primary!

Last minute shopping at Walmart w/Harm

Beach Holiday

Can we say Beach Bum?

We love swimming in the ocean!

Daddy gave Harm twizzlers :o

Having fun watching an Angels game!