Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Hakes Family

Family together right before we leave!

Bluths do Turkey!

Mom Hakes and Daddy hug!

Mom I look like a nerd in the Turkey get up!

Uncle Kimball and Daddy hanging out!

Lets eat! Aunt Cassie and Daddy eating happily!

Getting to new cousins was fun!

Great Grandma Getting Grub

Aunt Melissa and Uncle Josh being cute as always!

Aunt Cassie wasn't saying good bye to me but to her cat! I wanted to keep the kitty but Daddy said no :(


Cassi Wood said...

Oh my sweet kitty! I miss her. Harmon is much cuter and sweeter, especially when he smiles so goofy. I miss you guys!

Marcus and Cami Bluth said...

Hey, glad we got to see you at Thanksgiving! Harmon is a handsome boy!