Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Pageant and show Time!!!

This first picture is of the kids and one of the dancers from the Russian Ballet.  Their first time for the Nutcracker :)

LDS Church Pageant

Behold an angel of the Lord appeareth with DARTH SHEPARD!!!  Callum didn't want to wear the costume and so improvised.  I am grateful the church lady was so accommodating for him.  Harm was also supposed to be in this but he had his soccer party that night.  

Rachel was singing with her whole heart while Callum was less enthused!

College Heights Christmas Pageant   

I think it is cute how my kids always take up two whole lines!!!  

Callum almost missed this concert because the principal made him wear the Shepard outfit no matter what but he did have a good time once he got into it.

Cutest Jack in the Box ever!!!!

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