Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Harmon's Birthday Part 2

Blowing out his candle!

Aunt Eliza came here all the way from Vegas for the party!

Cousin Sienna, Uncle Louie, Aunt Marlena, & Daddy were happy to be here!

Rachel and Callum were all dressed up for the party!

Uncle Joe and Aunt Iris were happy to be here!

Harm hangs out w/Gualita

Aunt Marlena watches as Callum examines his hand

Harmon loved his new Frog writer

And he couldn't wait to open his cool truck from Aunt Iris and Uncle Joe


Marcus and Cami Bluth said...

Looks like Harmon had fun! He has a great haircut to go with his fun party!

Beth said...

Happy b-day Harmon. Chris it's Beth(Sowards). I check your blog every once in awhile, cute family, must be a hand full having twins huh?! How do you all know the Stansels?? I noticed you have their blog on your list. They are friends of ours from when we lived in Houston. Brig grew up with Thomas and Amanda and I hung out all the time. Nice to see you're doing good, Maybe I'll see you all around Las Cruces next time I'm down there to visit.

Grandma Merrell said...

This is from Chris's brother Joe's wifes favorite aunt named Barbara....Callum is a big name up here in Utah! It is soo adorable and so is Callum Hakes. Glad to hear the twins are doing great!