Friday, September 12, 2008

Texas Texas Yee Haw!

The Texas Longhorns (my old college) came to town and played the UTEP Miners. Harmon had fun doing all the pre-game stuff w/the Texas Exes and Chris got his first real taste of what a real school was like (he is a BYU alum)!

Daddy don't drop me off w/Aunt Callie! I want to go to the game!

Uncle Willie these people are crazy!

My grandparents are cool!

Okay I think I've had enough party...

I need a nap!

Even Cousin Sienna was ready for the big game!


Cassi Wood said...

So cute! Harmon fits right in the with crazy Longhorn fans! Did your sister come in town for the game? How fun.

Cami said...

You guys look so cute in your Texas apparel. Harmon is so photogenic and has the cutest smile!

Grondahl Family said...

You are so loyal to your alma matter! So cute. btw, I tagged you, because the world should know more about the beautiful Francisca! See my blog for the rules etc. Luv ya tons!