Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wedding Photos!

You all have been asking for months now and so here they are photos from the original wedding on October 27 and the El Paso Reception November 25.

Our Family at the Las Vegas temple with us! GQ Chris!

Smiling in El Paso
Hakes Family Official Portrait

Temple Exit

Chris and his mom

Our Bridal Party

First Kiss

Cake Cutting Las Vegas Reception

Francisca as a bride

Welcome to the Zimmerman Family Chris

Our Parents at the El Paso Reception

1 comment:

Jamie B. said...

I can not believe my eyes! Francisca in a hospital bed with a smile on her face. You are amazing! I need you to call me because I no longer have your phone number. I lost it when my phone took a swim in a pool. I love and miss you. Hang in there!

Love, Jamie B.